Art + Science. Ambit Search is an executive search firm lead by partners Cathy Logue, Sheriza Perabtani and Joanne Elek.

Executive search for designated finance and accounting professionals

Ambit is a Toronto-based finance and accounting recruitment firm specializing in designated professionals at the mid to senior level. We provide highly personalized service working with Canada’s leading public and private corporations.

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Senior Internal Auditor – Job Posting 1580

August 14, 2014 – What do Penn West, WorldCom & Sino-Forest have in common? The answer is pretty obvious… it’s the ultimate solution that’s much more complex.How do large public companies avert these issues and ensure they maintain unquestionable integrity and credibility with their…

Controller – Job Posting 1586

August 13, 2014 – They are the gold standard in real estate with a history of innovation and excellence. For more than 50 years, they have shaped where and how Canadians have worked, lived and shopped. From strip centers to indoor shopping malls, to…

Business Manager – Job Posting 1583

August 11, 2014 – The World Health Organization has declared the recent Ebola outbreak an international public health emergency.  The countries affected simply don’t have the resources to manage an outbreak of this magnitude and support from the international community is being solicited.  What…

Director of Finance – Job Posting 1577

July 17, 2014 – 10,000 hours. According to Malcolm Gladwell, the key to success in any field is ultimately a matter of practicing and honing your craft for about 10,000 hours. It’s the common thread between The Beatles, Rory McIlroy and Bill Gates: greatness…

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In today’s complex and competitive market, the need for financial professionals is on the rise.

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