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Pulling Together – Connected But Not Overloaded

In this unending COVID-19 news cycle, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the avalanche of information coming our way. Everything from press conferences to medical advice to miracle cures is literally at our fingertips and in our faces.

With so much information – much of it conflicting or unclear – and the message changing what feels like by the minute, our ability to turn off has become a critical skill. We’ll get through this, but as we go down this road it’s vital to manage our mental health and well-being. Finding ways to turn off the flow, at least for a little while, and to refresh in mind and body is key.

In the spirit of staying connected, we wanted to share some of the ways the Ambit team is keeping it together.

Joanne has a new rule. “Once dinner is on the table I step away from all news. My devices and I both need time to recharge and I don’t look at them again until the morning. Tempting though it is to watch the late evening news, I don’t. It’s onto a glass of wine and a bit of Netflix.”

Janet offers, “I limit what I watch to the daily news briefing from Prime Minister Trudeau and any follow-ups to that, but other than that I just make it a point to unplug from any type of news or media reports. And I am cooking…exploring the world of great recipes!”

Carla says, “Picking a few reliable news sources is really helpful for me. You could spend hours changing channels, surfing online, or listening to radio talk shows and the like and it just all starts to muddle. I watch CBC News, read the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail, but limit pretty much everything else. Then I read fiction to take me away.”

We’re curious…tell us what works for you.

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