Be ready to accept the offer

As you go on interviews, you will naturally start to gravitate towards one or two of the organizations you’re talking to and think more seriously about working there. At the same time, these employers are also narrowing down their list of candidates. They may meet many in order to hire the one they judge to be best suited for their requirements.

Before you get to the stage of reviewing an offer, you will have had a number of interviews during which you will have discussed the position, how the company is structured, who you would report to and of course your compensation package.

If at any time during these early interviews you start to feel that it’s not the right opportunity, or you’re simply not clear on some aspects of the job, that is the time to ask. It’s important for both you and the employer to discuss any issues and clarify them as they come up.

Don’t turn down the employer at the altar

By the time you go for the final meeting where it’s clear the employer will present you with their offer, you should be ready to say yes.

What could happen if you say no?

Well, you will have wasted both your time and the employer’s time. The employer will have turned down other promising candidates in order to choose you. You will likely have tarnished that relationship forever. This is not the time to second-guess yourself.

Are there ever good reasons for saying no?

Possibly. If their final offer is substantially different from what you’ve been discussing in terms of salary, title or scope of responsibility, you’ll certainly want to understand why there’s a difference. But before saying no, be sure both sides are clear about what was previously discussed and how that is reflected in the offer.

Otherwise, when you’re at the point where you’ve got the offer you’re expecting, the only good answer is yes.

“Be prepared for your interviews. Know what to ask before you meet.”

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