Fit + Finish

Building your team requires the right people. Our experience counts.

Knowing how to attract the right talent for the right role is essential to achieving greater organizational success.  We ensure that search objectives are clearly defined and results are aligned with expectations.

Attracting top professionals

How do you attract top talent in a competitive market? We believe a discrete and focused search that approaches the right people with the right skillset may be the key. This requires a thorough knowledge of all the potential candidates, who they are, where they are and when and why they may be ready to consider a move.

This knowledge can only be gained with the experience and long-term relationships developed over years of being in the search business. We have worked with people at all stages of their career to help them make informed career choices. Ours is a personal approach and we care that the outcome is the best for everyone.

If a candidate approaches us about a move in general, we’ll take the time to sit down with them and understand what their motivations are, what their goals are, and suggest potential ways to achieve success. If they are considering something that may not fit with their long-term career aims, we will help them think through their options.

Employers reap the benefits

Our clients benefit from the time and effort that we take in getting to know the candidates. Our shortlists are just that – short and effective. We will only present people that the client can hire. We won’t waste their time and we’ll stand behind our work.

Our extensive long-standing relationships with both clients and candidates are a reflection of our strong reputation and track record of success.

We recognize and value our role as ambassadors of each and every client and candidate both during and after completion of a search.

Joanne Elek, Vice President, Executive Search at Richter is pleased to assist you.